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Get in Touch!

The Holy Spirit and Mindfulness.


By Jordan Smith, MA, LMFT 

 May, 2017

Sitting in a quaint coffee shop with a small steaming cup in hand, I peer out the window in early spring watching an Eastern Redbud popular tree bloom. The tree’s shadow slowly turns on the concrete sidewalk as people stroll pass on this sunny day. Reading a book on mindfulness and the Holy Spirit, I am grateful for the beauty and peace that surrounds me.

But, tomorrow predicts rain. The Grand River that flows through the center of Grand Rapids will rise and waves will ripple quickening in pace. An excerpt from the book I’m reading entitled ‘Going home’, states, “A wave is made of other waves”. The author alludes to the fact that we are a part of something greater than ourselves. We are moved by others, and others moved by us. Spring is symbolic of this phenomena. As the clouds darken, the foliage brightens. A harmonious cycle of change. Much like our relationship with others - a give and take.

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Awareness & Compassion

The Self and Others


Are We Truly Separate?

A couple in distress enters the therapy room feeling distant, disheartened and desperate. The one partner sets a pillow between them on the leathered couch. I can feel the tension, the wall between them. BUT, I am still aware that they are connected - in mind, body and spirit. No pillow can truly divide them, like a shoreline cannot divide an ocean from a desert. While the ocean and desert may ‘war’ with one another - a sandstorm whipping across waters or a riptide eroding the beach - the two bodies dance in synchronous fashion.

Mending the Gap!

We can often feel deserted, barren, vulnerable, and empty. BUT, remember, even Jesus Himself began his journey in the desert - 40 days and 40 nights - alone, cold, tempted, starving, and thirsty. I often imagine Him mindfully being present with God, seeking new meaning, compassion and a profound depth for life. Soon after the Holy Spirit descends upon Him, propelling Him forward to teach, heal and change the direction for all mankind.

If you feel separated from your true self: numb, anxiety-ridden, or repressed, there is freedom. If you feel separated from your partner: bitter, angry or oppressed, there is hope!

Be mindful, get in touch with the Holy Spirit, cultivate compassion and foster that wisdom to find health, joy and peace!

We are all connected!! The Holy Spirit is the conduit - the source for a life filled with zest.